Enventure chooses Intapp DealCloud to drive firm growth through AI innovation

June 26, 2024

Leading private equity firm to modernize deal flow management and investor relations with Intapp

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intapp (NASDAQ: INTA), a leading global provider of AI-powered solutions for professionals at advisory, capital markets, and legal firms, announces that private equity firm Enventure has selected Intapp DealCloud and its AI capabilities to modernize deal management and investor relations.

Leading change
“During our pursuit of growth and the launch of two new funds, we’ve realized that it’s imperative for us to transition from traditional spreadsheets to a more dynamic platform that can control deal flow, operational processes, and stakeholder engagements,” said Ankit Shrivastava, Founder and Managing Partner at Enventure. “Intapp DealCloud aligns well with our operational ethos, and offers a wealth of AI-driven insights that are indispensable for expanding business management capacity and giving us a bigger competitive advantage.”

Modernizing deal management
With DealCloud, Enventure can efficiently manage deals, fundraising and relationships within one centralized platform. Access to collective firm intelligence will help teams strengthen connections, accurately track and forecast deals and pipeline, and accelerate execution.

Advanced AI technology and automation will be integrated into Enventure’s everyday workflows to help the firm’s professionals work smarter and faster. For example, teams will be able to make more informed, data-driven decisions with actionable, real-time insights into investment trends, industry developments, and relationships. These AI-driven insights are derived from proprietary intelligence, third-party data, and prior interactions centralized within the DealCloud platform.

Teams will also be able to focus more time on making deals and less time on tedious data entry with automated data capture and signature-scraping technology. This technology ensures professionals always have a current, comprehensive view of their relationships by automatically integrating contact data, shared files, emails, and other information into DealCloud from external systems.

Improving productivity and relationship management
Enventure will also use Intapp Assist for DealCloud, a set of generative AI capabilities that enhance operational efficiency and helps professionals manage deals, clients, and engagements more effectively. Intapp Assist leverages Intapp's collaboration with Microsoft to combine Azure OpenAI capabilities with proprietary firm data. This provides professionals with precise insights and recommendations that streamline workflows, increase productivity, and enrich firm intelligence.

For example, Intapp Assist’s data summarization feature improves productivity and enhances decision-making by using Applied AI capabilities to identify important insights within large volumes of information. These insights are presented in concise summaries that appear on deal, meeting, contact, company, and other profile pages within DealCloud.

Intapp Assist also saves teams time and helps them have more engaging, personalized interactions with contacts by providing suggested email content. It also delivers actionable insights for key contacts via an AI-driven relationship intelligence feed.

Multiplying success with Intapp
“We’re excited to be helping Enventure raise more funds, win more limited partnerships, and execute more deals using Intapp DealCloud,” said Erin Guinan, General Manager of DealCloud at Intapp. “By centralizing data and layering in AI, Enventure will have greater visibility into firm intelligence and be better equipped to manage fundraising, deal flow, and ongoing relationships with limited partners.”

Enventure will use DealCloud’s private equity industry blueprint, which is preconfigured for the way private equity professionals work. The blueprint includes key features like automated contact management, relationship intelligence, pipeline and forecasting, and execution capabilities. Leveraging this blueprint along with Intapp’s templated data migration process will provide Enventure with a faster return on investment by accelerating their implementation.

About Intapp 
Intapp software helps professionals unlock their teams’ knowledge, relationships, and operational insights to increase value for their firms. Using the power of Applied AI, we make firm and market intelligence easy to find, understand, and use. With Intapp’s portfolio of vertical SaaS solutions, professionals can apply their collective expertise to make smarter decisions, manage risk, and increase competitive advantage. The world's top firms — across accounting, consulting, investment banking, legal, private capital, and real assets — trust Intapp’s industry-specific platform and solutions to modernize and drive new growth. For more information, visit intapp.com and connect with us on X, formerly Twitter (@intapp), and LinkedIn

About Enventure
Enventure is a private equity firm based in the suburb of Chicago, IL, investing primarily in the resilient, high-growth sectors of Healthcare, Space, Sustainability, and Emerging Tech in our geographies of expertise – the USA and India. Enventure redefines investment, blending innovation with impact. Our diverse, seasoned investment & operator team combines global insights with hands-on execution, driving not just growth but meaningful change that blends private equity rigor with VC agility. Unlike traditional investors, we pride ourselves on our approach, tailored to fit the unique needs and aspirations of every entrepreneur and businesses we support. For more information, visit www.enventure.io and connect with us on X, (@enventurehub) and LinkedIn.

Ali Robinson
Global Media Relations Director, Intapp

Ankit Shrivastava
Founder & Managing Partner, Enventure