Argonaut Private Equity selects Intapp to improve personal trading oversight

June 25, 2024

Intapp Employee Compliance to help maintain alignment with regulatory requirements and protect against reputational risk

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intapp (NASDAQ: INTA), a leading global provider of AI-powered solutions for professionals at advisory, capital markets, and legal firms, announces that Argonaut Private Equity has selected Intapp Employee Compliance to monitor, identify, and manage employee adherence to firm code of ethics and conflicts of interest policies.

Leading change
“As we’ve grown, the effort to meet regulatory requirements by manually sharing and reviewing personal trading activity became overly time-consuming for both the compliance team and firm professionals themselves,” said Patrick Sullivan, Chief Compliance Officer at Argonaut Private Equity. “Intapp Employee Compliance will help us simplify the process for our employees and automate personal trade monitoring based on our own risk thresholds.”

Modernizing employee compliance
Intapp Employee Compliance will help Argonaut employees adhere to firm policy and compliance teams efficiently manage employee compliance risk. The solution will help monitor employees’ financial interests and outside activities, ensure adherence to internal code of ethics policies, and track required documentation. Using managed and monitored broker feeds, Employee Compliance will streamline the trade verification workflow, eliminating manual transaction statement collection and paper attestations.

Additionally, Intapp Employee Compliance software will allow Argonaut employees to more easily comply with firm policies. It will help professionals align with regulations by providing visibility into firm requirements and sending proactive alerts when action is needed. The centralized system will let firm professionals, and their spouses or financial advisors, easily track and receive approval for trade requests. It will also provide a holistic view of employees’ investments, trading, gifts, and outside activities, helping Argonaut mitigate risk and protect against regulatory fines and reputational damage.

Multiplying success with Intapp
“We are excited to help Argonaut Private Equity centralize the employee compliance process for both oversight teams and employees,” said Nigel Riley, General Manager of Compliance at Intapp. “Intapp Employee Compliance will boost adherence to the firm’s internal code of ethics policies by serving as single source of truth for employees’ financial interests and outside activities.”

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About Argonaut Private Equity
Founded in 2002, Argonaut Private Equity is a Tulsa, OK-based private equity firm with $2.9 billion of assets under management. Argonaut partners with companies to develop a strategy for accelerating growth and enhancing operations. For more information, please visit

Ali Robinson
Global Media Relations Director, Intapp